Riding on the coattails of the release of Emma Myers’s most recent project, Netflix’s Family Switch, Deadline reports she has signed on to Warner Bros and Legendary Entertainment’s Minecraft movie, based on the video game of the same name. The movie, set to release in April 2025, stars and is produced by Jason Mamoa.

While details about the movie are scarce, it seems to center on a teenage girl’s adventuring group challenging the Ender Dragon to save their world. The Ender Dragon was introduced into Minecraft shortly before its official release in 2011. Minecraft is the highest-selling video game of all time and will be coming up on the 15th anniversary of it’s first public release in May 2009. The game’s player base is still going strong as it has expanded into competitions and classroom curricula.

Minecraft’s use in education started while the game was still in pre-release beta, championed by Joel Levin, the creator of MinecraftEdu. Microsoft, who purchased Minecraft in 2014, also purchased MinecraftEdu in 2016 and began partnering with the UN’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2019.