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Season 2

When will Season 2 release?

To be determined. Filming will start in April of 2024.

Due to the 2023 SAG-AFTRA and Writers Guild of America strikes, production on season 2 was pushed back. A Deadline report in November indicates shooting has been “tentatively slated for late April.” The existing main cast is expected to return, although Percy Hynes White’s status is unclear.

Has Wednesday been renewed for Season 2?


Wednesday was renewed for a second season in January 2023.

Where will Season 2 be filmed?

For information about Season 1, see below.

We started in Toronto, we ended up in Romania. We looked at a lot of different castles and palaces and environments to base it on.

— Mark Scruton (production designer) via Gold Derby

It has been reported that Season 2 will be filmed in Ireland.

As Deadline reported, [Romania] presented logistical challenges, with speculation starting soon after production had wrapped that, if the series would go to a second season, it would likely film elsewhere.

[Wednesday executive producer Steve] Stark confirmed that by the time they’d finished Season 1, “we were going to movie it out to there.”


Is Jenna Ortega a producer for Season 2?

Yes. According to an interview on Variety’s Actors on Actors series, Ortega discussed this with Elle Fanning:

FANNING: I know you’re a producer next season.

ORTEGA: This is my first time. It was a natural progression. With a character like Wednesday, who is so beloved, I didn’t want to get her wrong. So I tried to have as many conversations as possible with the writers. We’d decide what works and what doesn’t. In preparation for a second season, we wanted to make sure that we could start the conversations earlier. I’m just so curious: I want to see the outfits, new characters, scripts. It’s your first time producing a television series as well.


Will Season 2 involve a love interest for Wednesday?

Unlikely. Unfortunately for Wenclair, Wyler, and Wavier shippers, Jenna Ortaga shared the following spoilers in an interview for Variety’s Actors on Actors.

It’s still coming together, but we’ve decided we want to lean into the horror more. We’re ditching any romantic love interest, which is really great. We’re going to get bolder, more dark. I’ve never had to do a serious period piece before. Was there anything you have to do to make sure things are accurate?


Has Percy Hynes White been removed from the cast?

Unclear, but most likely no.

There has been no reputable reporting on whether Percy Hynes White is still on the cast of Wednesday. All stories claiming he has been removed from the cast originate from questionable sources1. Netflix has released no official statements on the matter.

Will Principal Weems return?


In an interview with Digital Spy, Gwendoline Christie alluded that Weems may return:

“We haven’t seen her put in the ground, have we?” Christie said in an exclusive interview with Digital Spy. “I feel like Larissa Weems would not really be prepared to entertain or be dominated by anything as commonplace as death.”

Digital Spy

Season 1

Where was Season 1 filmed?

Season 1 of Wednesday was filmed on location in Romania. For information on filming locations for Season 1, please see our Virtual Tour.

Did Jenna Ortega perform the famous Wednesday dance while sick with COVID?

Yes. According to an interview with NME:

“I choreographed that myself!” Ortega tells us later. “I’m not a dancer and I’m sure that’s obvious. I’d gotten the song [The Cramps’ 1981 single ‘Goo Goo Muck’] about a week before and I just pulled from whatever I could… it’s crazy because it was my first day with COVID so it was awful to film.”

Wait, what?

“Yeah, I woke up and – it’s weird, I never get sick and when I do it’s not very bad – I had the body aches. I felt like I’d been hit by a car and that a little goblin had been let loose in my throat and was scratching the walls of my esophagus. They were giving me medicine between takes because we were waiting on the positive result.”

MGM, the production company behind Wednesday, confirmed to NME via email that “strict COVID protocols were followed and once the positive test was confirmed production removed Jenna from set.”

“I asked to redo it but we didn’t have time,” she adds. “I think I probably could have done it a bit better…”


Did Jenna Ortega play a cello cover of The Rolling Stones’ Paint It Black?

No, but she did learn to play the cello and the song to look believable in the scene.

It’s not her on the soundtrack, but she practiced very hard and she fell in love with a cello. She was really dedicated and really knew how to play it, so you could see her technique. I’m sure she would say she wasn’t as great as it could have been, but we had this teacher there saying that she did incredibly well at the time. She learned all the pieces as she went through the season. I think it’s pretty remarkable, just to sit there and learn an instrument from scratch.

— Miles Millar to Vanity Fair

The song is nominated for a Grammy award with Esin Aydingoz, Chris Bacon, Alana Da Fonseca, Mick Jagger, and Keith Richards listed as arrangers. Jagger and Richards are also nominated for Angry from their new album.


  1. All recent reporting on Percy Hynes White’s supposed firing comes, via the Daily Mail, from an anonymous “source close to his family.” The Daily Mail is generally regarded as unreliable