As we anxiously await the second season of Wednesday, Bloomberg reports that Netflix is considering creating a spinoff centering around Wednesday’s uncle, Fester, played by Fred Armisen.

As with any TV show in development, there is no guarantee the Uncle Fester show will ever happen. The writers have to figure out the story, the company needs to negotiate contracts with talent, and the schedules of the individuals must align. But Netflix is eager to establish a pipeline of Addams Family programs to build off the success of Wednesday.

It has a willing partner in Amazon, which acquired the rights to The Addams Family when it bought MGM and produces the show under that label.


While spinoffs right after the first season or two are uncommon, they’re not unheard of (Alf, Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, CSI, Animaniacs). Considering the state of productions starting back up after the writer and actor strikes, we’re unlikely to see any movement on a spinoff project in the next year.