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Wednesday was primarily shot in and around Bucharest, Romania. Here we will show you the real-world locations of various places in the Wednesday universe in the order in which they were introduced in the show.

While we aim to reduce spoilers as much as possible, some location names or descriptions may reveal plot points from the show. To help readers avoid spoilers, we may revisit real-world locations multiple times and will clearly label it when we move on to the next episode.

The show was initially slated to be filmed in Toronto, Canada.


While we provide location information for various real world locations used for filming Wednesday, please be aware that some places are private property. Please do not enter any location without permission.

It can be fun to own a piece of your favorite media, but remember that we want everyone to be able to share in our passion. Therefore, please do not remove any items not clearly marked as merchandise or cause damage at any of these locations.

All locations should be treated with respect and care.

How to use this document

This document is broken up by episode, providing information and links to any locations introduced in that episode. We only revisit previously seen locations to point out information relevant to new plot points or relevant parts of the location.

In Google Maps Street View, some locations have views from several different spots. These can be viewed by double-clicking on the blue circles in the map square in the lower left corner.

The Google Maps street view map window displaying blue view location circles

At the end of this document, you’ll find the Location Index, which breaks down each episode scene by scene to show you what was filmed where.

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Episode 1 - Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe

The day after the Wednesday premiere, Netflix Romania posted a video containing comparison shots of some of the locations listed below. Be aware, there are some minor visual spoilers.

Nancy Reagan High School

Politehnica University of Bucharest

Nancy Reagan High School as shown in WednesdayA Google Maps street view of the building at Politehnica University of Bucharest used for filming

The very first scene of the show shows us Wednesday’s high school, likely located somewhere in the state of New Jersey. The exterior is a building at the Politehnica University of Bucharest.

The license plate on the Addams family’s car is registered in the state of New Jersey. Westfield, New Jersey was the hometown of Charles Addams and an inspiration for the original Addams Family comics. The Addamses also lived in the outskirts of New Jersey in the 2019 animated film.

Website - Wikipedia - Google Maps Street View

Nancy Reagan High School swimming pool

Bazinul de Înot Dinamo, Bucharest

Nancy Reagan High School swimming pool as shown in WednesdayA Google Maps street view of the building opposite the same windows as the previous image

The swimming pool at Nancy Reagan High School is the Bazinul de Înot Dinamo swimming pool in Bucharest, Romania. While you can’t see the pool's interior on Google Maps, you can recognize the structure of the beams and windows.

Address: Șoseaua Ștefan cel Mare 7-9, București 020121, Romania

Google Maps Street View

Nevermore Academy (exterior)

Cantacuzino Castle, Busteni

In-story location: Jericho, Vermont

Address: Strada Zamorei 1, Bușteni 105500, Romania

Grounds Walkthrough Video - Aerial Drone Footage Video

Website - Tours - Wikipedia - Google Maps Street View

Nevermore Academy (interior)

Casa Monteoru, Bucharest

Address: Calea Victoriei 115, București, Romania


Episode 2 - Woe is the Loneliest Number

Thornhill’s classroom

Gradina Botanica Dimitrie Brândza (Bucharest Botanical Garden)

Address: Șoseaua Cotroceni 32, București, Romania

Google Maps Street View

Raven Island

Branesti Lake and Sterbei Lake

Address (Branesti Lake): Strada Oltului 26, Brănești 077145, Romania

Address (Domeniul Știrbey Buftea): Strada Știrbei Vodă 36, Buftea 070000, Romania

Google Maps Street View (Domeniul Știrbey Buftea)

Google Maps Street View (Branesti Lake)

Burlington Station

Sinaia Train Station

Address: Sinaia 106100, Romania

Episode 3 - Friend or Woe

Jericho, Vermont

Bucharest Film Studios backlot

The town of Jericho is a fictionalized version of the real-world Jericho, Vermont with a different history. According to a map of Jericho seen in the show, Nevermore is located a few miles out of town. The Jericho Town Square is a filming location built on a back lot at the Bucharest Film Studios in Buftea.

Address: Strada Studioului 1, Buftea 070000, Romania

Google Maps Street View - Bing Maps

Episode 6

Gates Mansion

Conacul Olga Greceanu

The front of Gates Mansion as seen on WednesdayThe same view as seen on Google Maps Street View

Once owned by Romanian painter Olga Greceanu, this manor in the Romanian country-side is the home of the Gates family on the outskirts of Jericho.

Address: Strada Eroilor 186, Bălteni 137126, Romania

Google Maps Street View

Location Index

Episode 1

0:10 0:12 Nancy Reagan High School exterior
0:12 1:50 Nancy Reagan High School interior (unconfirmed building at Politehnica University of Bucharest)
1:50 2:50 Nancy Reagan High School swimming pool
2:50 4:00 Titles
4:00 7:00 Unconfirmed road; likely Transylvania, Romania
7:00   Unconfirmed forest

Episode 2

0:50   Nevermore Academy exterior
1:00   Nevermore Academy interior
15:50   Thornhill’s classroom
    Raven Island
    Burlington Station